Tuesday, 17 December 2013

1st week post FEC # 1 cycle - Tuesday 17th of December

After the initial crawling back into bed post chemo # 1, I have experienced:

  • Hot and cold sweats (day 1-3)
  • Fatigue - like sooper dooper tired 
  • Muzzy head (day 1-3)
  • Joint ache in my right shoulder (4-5)
  • Sore throat (4-7)
  • Indigestion (use Gaviscon)
  • Change in taste 
  • Cold, muscle ache and runny nose & sneezing (Day 6+)

Chemotherapy is very do-able. It affects everyone differently and each day can present with it another ailment or something new to moan about(boring). It's completely bonkers. BUT it's OK. What I can tell you is that I have felt completely pooped and have done my fair share of lolling around and sleeping and on a couple of occasions - not sleeping at all. My body has its own unique temperature gauge. 

I have now finished all anti sickness tablets until next cycle and had my last injection this morning at 06:30am for my immune system. This now means that my husband can have his half an hour in bed back, rather than `stabbing` me before he goes to work.

From days 10-14 I have an increased risk of infection and need to avoid everyoneFor me this is really important as I do not want the condition of neutropenia which could delay my treatment plan in anyway and then it's Christmas Eve. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Bumbletreephotography

Love Tam x x x x 


  1. Sounds horrendous. I hope Christmas eve and day improve. Rachael Carter xxx

  2. Don't see it as moaning-it doesn't come across like that. It's just verbal cleansing. Wishing you a merry Christmas x
    Beckie Woodhouse