Tuesday, 9 December 2014


It seems such a long time since I posted.


I'm still here Mutha F******

My cancerversary on the 30th of September was celebrated by a quiet evening down the pub.

I had my annual mammogram in October and was given NED (No evidence of disease)

I'm back at work (I started 30th of June) with a phased return to work and dropped my hours from 37 to 30 hours per week. 

I have some side effects ......

I have pain in my left hip, I've had a clear bone scan and a clear x-ray and awaiting futher investigations! I'm currently on anti-inflammatory tablets, calci chews and painkillers.

Nothing I can't deal with BUT just something you learn to deal with. I'm no longer experiencing fatigue and just getting on with life.

I'm still on the hot sweats though :(

I have hair that I'm sure some old dear would happily pay for. It's the perm and set - cant do **** all with look

ta da 

 Keep going. YOU CAN DO THIS xxxx