Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pubic Hair Migration

with the  migration of pubic hair, this can mean only one thing. The inevitable is about to happen (the hardest part of the process).

I am about to loose my hair from my head. 

I asked my Hubster to shave my head this evening in the bath and take pictures to post to my blog.

I actually think the Freddie Mercury Moustache is quite fetching and the plant growing from my head adds some what character. 

I've gone down to a grade 1, which means less hair being shed around the house in the future days/week.

I have purchased a beanie from http://www.boldbeanies.co.uk/ (based in Wrexham)as the woollen headbands I have been wearing around the house are not something I can sleep in and will not contain the hair loss either. It's a Liberty print and I'm very excited :)


The headbands have however been invaluable under woolly hats and it is only now that I realise that my own hair used to keep my ears insulated from the elements.

Happy Holidays and have yourself a merry grope


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