Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Little Princess Trust - Hair donation

After another night of allusive sleep, I managed to nod off for about an hour or two and woke up after having a drink down the local with Richard Gere and having a guided tour of his house - go figure.

I had to put a considerable amount of effort and warpaint on as I felt as rough as a butchers dog + I wanted to look my best for the photographs - if truth be known. 

I think this quote is particularly apt.

Couldn't quite bring myself to having my head shaved today - I had an emotional moment ;)

Thankfully Rachel came with me and after having a little wee from my eye, asked me to reason with myself to why I actually needed to shave my head at this stage. It was great to have that support and I was with Rachel when she shaved her head in support of a young girl diagnosed with leukemia and also donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust, so it seemed fitting, that she was there with me.

Donated two ponytails of hair to The Little Princess Trust and raised £132.60 through my Justgiving page. 

Here is the evidence.

And the end result

And then we posted it
Rachel x

I had a lovely soak tonight, washed my hair with my favourite Aussie shampoo and got into my fab ROAR PJ's which Sam T bought me a couple of weeks ago.

Sam here is the photographic evidence(with added double chin I might add)

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