Monday, 2 December 2013

Why I started this blog

With this diagnosis it has presented many challenges, particularly as the information you receive as part of this process is given in bite size chunks which you are informed about at each stage of the cancer pathway. This unfortunately gives you time to scare yourself shitless with the amount of "stuff" lurking on the internet.

I eventually gravitated towards sourcing my information from Macmillan and Cancer Research UK. 

It's a waiting game and you often feel left in the dark, lost in the system and often trying to piece the information together.

Source: Google images/

I was also thrown another curve ball, in that the chemotherapy may render me infertile and I may hit early menopause after treatment, the percentage of patients who this affects is extremely high, In fact its probably inevitable. We had three eggs mature enough to be collected induced by fertility treatment and only one egg fertilised overnight, so we have one embryo frozen.

"Only good quality embryos will survive the freezing and thaw process."

There are significant differences that may occur in an age related `natural’ menopause compared with a treatment-induced menopause and I suspect I may need some advice on how to cope with an early menopause or the menopausal side effects of treatment *she says through hot and cold sweats*

I joined a forum, specifically for people recently diagnosed with breast cancer, mainly because I didn't want to inflict the boredom of the subject on my friends and family anymore, with how I was feeling. I thought this would be a positive tool in helping me to share with others about how it was effecting me personally and emotionally, support others, source diet tips etc. I had a couples of responses to the group thread, but didn't feel any connection, for me this is working through a process - It just hasn't been the positive experience I thought it should/would be(I think I'm of the Jennifer Saunders ilk).

I've found having a supportive husband, family and friends a far more positive experience.

Real life, real love and real conversations

I have been following a couple of blogs on the wonderweb which I have found inspirational, informative and full of hints and tips in coping with the treatment and how to deal with the side effects and these have been invaluable.

After being diagnosed with cancer, each journey is different, individual in every sense, some have better coping strategies than others, some have side effects others not so much, treatment plans vary depending on a multitude of factors. You have to find your own path.

I'm off to hug a tree 


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