Monday, 9 December 2013

Ist FEC Chemotherapy cycle

Tuesday 10th of December 2013 - Treatment Day
Day 1 starts tomorrow of FEC cycle

Lets Shizzle the FEC out of this little f****er (Grrh face).

However this is how I felt ....

I came home and took my first anti sickness tablet and went straight to bed. I felt sick and really cold. I couldn't get my head warm and wrapped various items around it. I felt like I was dealing with the most hideous hangover, the one where you have no headache, just feel sick and muzzy. 

I had anti sickness injected into the cannula before being administered the chemotherapy drugs, this is along with the drip (infusion) of salt water (saline) into the cannula. This felt really cold and I could feel it flowing up my arm.

I then had two x 60ml of E (Epirubicin) which is the red liquid and is the drug that causes the hair loss, this is the common side effect.

I then had two x 40ml of Fluorouracil, which is a colourless fluid which is also known as 5FU.

And 20 ml of  C - Cyclophosphamide

I then had an injection of anti sickness injected into the saline bag at the end of treatment.

The day after

I have 5 anti sickness tablets to take at 7am and breakfast/lunch time and evening and an injection every morning for the next 7 days to boost my immune system, to reduce the incidence of neutropenia and increase my white blood cell count. This can cause hair loss and lower back pain which is connected to the production of cells in the bone marrow.

At the moment I am bordering on a fever so I am checking my temperature every hour to make sure its not above 37.5c, earlier it was 37.4 but has since come down, so no need to contact Shropdoc yet.

Days 10-14 is when if neutropenia is going to occur, will happen and that brings us to 20th- 24th of December. 

Next cycle starts the 2nd of Jan, with blood tests on New Years Day.

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