Monday, 9 December 2013

Pre Chemo Assessment Monday 9th of December

I went all grade 3 on my hair on Saturday to go with my cancerous grade 3 BC and my shameless selfie was photo bombed 
(verb - to drop in a photo unexpectedly .. to hop into the picture, right before it is taken. 

I'm still laughing about the hairdresser on Wednesday asking me if I would like to take some of my cut hair trimmings off the floor (before being swept away) to glue onto a cap, so it looks like I have some hair sticking out. Don't get me wrong there are some fantastic chemotherapy hats out there with hair attached, but OFF THE FLOOR!

I was looking for an appropriate image, one that closely resembled how the hair would have looked and stumbled across this. 

Tampon Toupee

You can find some wonderful projects at (NO SERIOUSLY)

Mum picked me up this morning at 9am (Urrgh *The insomnia kid jumps into car)to attend a Pre Chemo Assessment at the Lingen Davies Centre. I would have liked the choice to attend or decline this appointment as there wasn't any kind of assessment involved. I can understand how helpful it would be for people who haven't been able to bring themselves to research or read the wealth of information on the Macmillan website. BUT I am very aware of the side effects from research and from my oncology appointment on the 14th. Lets just bloody get cracking shall we...

The results I have waited for since the second week in November are still lurking in some wormhole, so I've bought this book to assist in relocating them.

I was shown to a wipe down PVC armchair (which I presume is in case I piss myself with excitement at the impending proceedings)and then the nurse explained that I was there to see the ward. Strangely enough it's the same view when you look through the window from the outside. 

Hey girls, hey boys,superstar DJ's
Here we go

You can stick me on a plastic chair in the middle of the carpark, it makes no difference to me where I'm going to be sitting. 

No guided tour, no exploring... 

I made some comment about hair loss and the nurse said "well you've got nice short hair", 

Like yer since Wednesday and I showed her the photographs before the chop (she seemed suitably unimpressed)

Really is there not a degree of sensitivity that should be applied on a cancer treatment ward (evidently not - luckily I'm over the hair now). Even my Mum who often tells me I'm rude or too honest in critique thought so and that's saying something.

A very strange morning and I'm glad to be home.

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