Thursday, 19 December 2013

Look Good Feel Better Workshop (LGFB)

The only real `cancer` thing I wanted to do was to book a place on the Look Good Feel Better Workshop

Here are a couple of quotes, it sounds just .... mmm fluffy clouds

`The workshops are about having fun. They are informal, relaxed and informative, giving people a chance to meet others in a similar situation. It's a time for a woman to focus on herself and not her illness'

`I never thought of myself as much of a make- up person - I can't believe how brilliant I feel and look after just two hours. I can't wait to show my family'

This I thought would help in that - I could return to work in April and not look like I have cancer. Hair growth does not tend to return until your last chemotherapy treatment. 

 I'm actually thinking of returning to work minus wig, eyebrows, eyelashes etc, because surely the problem is in other people's perception and not my own, RIGHT - I know I'm being obtuse BUT I am ******* tired, very angry and ever so slightly annoyed + I have horrendous mouth ulcers to go with the bad attitude.

Anyway I contacted my local centre and the next available date is April ffs, REALLY? I am now on the cancellation list in case anything becomes available nearer to me loosing my hair - ALL HAIR- YES 


I currently have a very healthy lady garden BUT alas this is apparently one of the first things to go. 

I asked about the complementary therapies they have on offer - reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy. 

And .... as it happens this is no longer available. 

BUT I can attend a COFFEE MORNING which is odd because coffee is not on the greatest things to drink on the `fuck you` cancer list.

So when I joked about drawing my eyebrows on with various coloured felt tip pens or a Sharpie or two ...... 

Did I mention I'm having a bad day?


  1. Where did you get this 'eyebrowed' lovely? - Brilliant!

  2. I googled 'eyebrow' gif- just realised that the ' healthy lady garden' sounds like I'm sporting some 70's porn like rug. I mearly meant 'trimmed' #mortified x