Thursday, 23 January 2014

FEC #3 - We're Cooking on Gas

Catch up from the last 6 days

Monday was a big occasion. I went and found Jim Hawkins from BBC Radio Shropshire as he features a segment in his show where he sits on a bench and randomly talks to people who find him. He posts the location of where he will be sitting and what time on his Twitter feed. I thought he'd be outside the library but I found him inside and completely forgot about being in a public place - I was on a mission.

I wanted to talk to him about early detection, particularly for people under 40 and my treatment plan and that you must be persistent with your GP if you have any concerns about lumps and bumps. It was aired on Friday 17th of January.

I revealed my new 'baldy' look to him and it was the first time I'd been in public since the dramatic hair loss. 

It was emotional ...... my head was revealed TA DA

Jim took photographic evidence and uploaded it to his Twitter account @jimallthetime
(highlight link and right click on your mouse and search with search engine - Go to http://us4.)

As they say in social work

1) Acknowledge
2) Recognise
3) Confront

and Move on AND that's exactly what I did.

I met up with some friends on Thursday evening - happy, bald and comfortable. 

I decided to give the wig an outing on Friday night, which would have been alright, except it felt uncomfortable in every way. I ran my fingers through it, I sprayed it with dry shampoo and fiddled and fiddled. I clipped bits up and then took them out. I spent hours trying to make it look as natural as possible. It's slightly Farah Fawcett esque and so quite glamorous for me, so I must have changed my top to go with the wig at least 3 times (absolutely ridiculous if you think about it)

I was hot, it was itchy and it felt like a dead ferret on my head - very self conscious indeed. 


Someone even questioned to whether I should be drinking at all - advice given -all in moderation - although I did wobble home "my bag". 

Hubster and I went to the Butterfly farm in Stratford upon Avon on Sunday and had a lovely relaxing lunch and walk. I was just the tonic we needed and such a beautiful clear day with blue skies.
Foolery, Sir, does walk about the orb like the sun: It shines everywhere. (Twelfth Night)

So now back to today 23/01/2014

The nurse who administered the FEC today gave me a copy of my bloods. I explained how I had completely changed my diet and she said to continue with what I'm doing,because its working :) My bloods are apparently very good.

Some people lose weight on FEC,some gain weight. From what I have read, FEC is full of steroids, as is the anti sickness medication, so I am happy to be below my starting weight but maintaining it, rather than being a bloater.

The slow cooker is great for stews and the Market Hall in Shrewsbury is such a fantastic place to shop. This week I made homemade hummus and an avocado dip to eat with celery sticks and tortilla wraps with freshly squeezed apple juice. I am following recipes, rather than throwing everything from the fridge into something and hoping it works and even thinking about baking some vegan/gluten free cookies. I have a notebook of recipes to try out and I'm genuinely excited about this. 
The motor on the blender and juicer may burn out soon with all the wear and tear ;)

I have a top up of Senokot (as I never want to experience constipation like before
 ever again)and some eye drops as my eyes are very itchy and watery. 

Love Tam

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