Monday, 27 January 2014

47,700 - 50,000 women and 300 men are diagnosed with BC every year in the UK

I had a lovely soak in the bath last night, a place I can light my candles, switch off the lights, play some music and RELAX. A place I can take off my cotton jersey sleep cap and dunk into hot water, although it is cold to the back of the head on the bath tub. 

On pulling the plug, I was still very surprised to how many hairs were in the bath and noticed that my eyelashes are now thinning on the top lashes, my eyebrows are still here, but these are likely to thin over the next couple of cycles.

I'm 5 days post FEC#3 and finished this cycles anti sickness tablets yesterday and still have 3 days left of 7am immune injections -
Nivestim/Filgrastim to go (administered day 2-8 post each cycle). In layman terms it makes more white blood cells in your lower back to counterbalance the healthy ones the chemo are killing off).

I have the upmost respect to anyone who has to inject themselves everyday for the rest of their life. 

I had previously pointed out in an earlier blog post that I had found a breast cancer forum very unhelpful and after reflecting upon this, it was because I was virtually surrounded by people zapping my positivity and energy.

I am a strong advocate of the Macmillan website and I have since joined the Macmillan Community forums. It has been a positive experience in gaining a wealth of information, where mainly women are coming together to support each other. If you only had one website to access, this would be the one.

I've had the usual uncomfortable dry retching and lack of sleep, hot and cold sweats, stabbing pains to my head and stomach cramps but have breezed through this cycle better than the others. I really can't complain.

I'm still adhering to a good diet, even though it feels like a bit of a struggle, especially when I can imagine the taste of that gherkin pickle in a Mcdonald's cheesburger.... nom nom nom.

Drinking water with slices of lemon (keep a bowl of lemon slices in the fridge)
Drinking shots of wheatgrass when I feel rubbish
Weetabix for breakfast with drizzled honey or 1 banana to 2 eggs pancake mix
Stews (easy - just throw vegetables and stewing steak into slow cooker)
Fresh fruit and veg 
Fruit teas - no caffeine
Popcorn as a snack
Jelly (0% fat trace/8 calories)
Cottage cheese on oatcakes
Rice and Chicken
Natural Yoghurt

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Early detection is the key

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