Thursday, 2 January 2014

FEC #2 - January 2nd

I had my blood tests taken on Friday the 27th of December labelled chemo priority.

I received a phone call this morning at 09:50 from the ward asking me to come in asap, on asking why - I had my bloods taken too early and they need to be taken again. 

Who advised me knowing the next date of cycle two? - only the ward, *expletive*. But I went in early with my Mum, popped my hand in a bowl of warm water to heat up my veins, had the cannula fitted and bloods taken.

Within the hour I was given the all clear to start FEC # 2, meaning my white blood cell count was normal. 

Ding ding - round 2 

Had a chat with a man opposite me, he has been in treatment for the last three years and said the only way to get through this is to stay positive and watch lots of old skool comedy

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Pink writing added by yours truly

He said I looked like his favourite singer. People of a certain age usually crack a comment about Tammy Wynette and I sometimes respond " you really wouldn't want me to sing for you". 

But he compared me to Sinead O'Connor (yes flattery will get you everywhere ole chap) and seemed suitably impressed that I wasn't wearing a wig. 

The nurse administering my injections even commented that I was lucky to have a "good shaped head"! *yes I'm quite impressed in the shape of my head too, my cranium/brain case has not let me down, no strange moles, lumps or bumps*

Just a little patchy - but still got hair at the moment 01/01/2014

Had my obligatory red pee afterwards and took a picture for my chemo diary and then came home and surprisingly ate quite well, rollmop herring, farmhouse ham, spinach, plum tomatoes, olives with garlic and bread + drank my own body weight in water. The red E (Epirubicin) drug has already disappeared from my system. 

Battling to keep my eyes open tonight and thought I felt a bit queasy, but ploughing through a drum of Twiglets, so I can't feel that bad. Mmm Marmite ....

If you are following a chemotherapy treatment plan at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, the Lingen Davies Centre can issue you with a carpark form which allows ten treatment plans = free parking. You are not limited to one car and I haven't driven for months, mainly as I don't trust myself at the moment behind the wheel, so rely on my Mum, Dad or Hubster for lifts to the hospital. You can not use the pass for other appointments to the oncologist etc. 

2 down and 4 to go.

YOLO peeps xx

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  1. Spoke too soon taken additional anti sickness tablets + Gaviscon throughout the night and feel sooper dooper cold today and temp is 37.4.