Sunday, 2 February 2014

Update Post #3 Week 2

After writing my last post, I could stand it no more and walked to Mcdonalds and purchased two tasty cheeseburgers and chowed down on those darn pickled gherkins I'd been dreaming about before proceeding to my local public house for early evening beverages and catch up.

Even though I was drinking I was struggling with a very dry mouth, which makes talking quite tricky when your constantly circling your tongue around your mouth like a washing machine. I also put the Proclaimers on the jukebox, but that's another story. And two men kissed my head, certainly not what I was expecting ......

I am still experiencing a dry mouth to this day and a constant feeling of feeling sick when looking at certain foods. 

I can't look at a mint humbug without dry heaving and this is because I took them with me to the first two cycles to suck on whilst having my drugs syringed into the cannula. 

My weetabix has tasted of dogfood and all my food is currently being heavily laced with celery salt and pepper. The NO cheese in my diet has gone by the by this cycle as mature cheddar cheese has never tasted so good.

I've only been able to manage 1/2 cup of morning coffee and I'm only tolerating this in the hope that it will work alongside the x 3 Senokot I take each evening to assist with the sporadic bowel movements.

I can't stand the smell of smoke (sorry Hubster) and had to unplug the glade plug in, in the kitchen as again it has been causing dry retching.  

I am now in week two post 3rd cycle and therefore in social isolation until next Thursday. 

Yep, I am in hiding from all nasties and germs.

Then on Thursday, I'm off to the hospital to see my oncologist to shoot the shit.

On a positive note I was able to submit two assignments into my tutor this week and passed both. I have 3 more to complete and a final paper prior to booking a place on the practical element of the course. A small step closer to achieving the Advanced Foot Health Practitioner Diploma NCFE level 4 NQF. 

Next blood tests 12 February
Next cycle #4 13 February

Stay bright, stay positive *fists air*

Love Tam 

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