Thursday, 27 February 2014

FEC # 4 cycle - Thursday 27th of February 2014

I have 6 days until my next cycle and this cycle has been an absolute horror. FACT

Chemotherapy has an accumulative effect and boy is it accumulating!

I have been evil personified this cycle and not the easiest person to be around.

I have NEVER experienced pain and the agony of faecal impaction like I have this cycle (and I thought last time was bad enough)and I was close to passing out on more than one occasion. I have accepted that this is part of having FEC administered. It's clearly very difficult to get a happy balance using lactulose, Movocol and Senokat/Prune juice to produce the perfect bowel movement.

I have also had the added bonus this cycle of strange thoughts, my mind has been playing tricks on me and I can't really give you an example, because it wouldn't make any sense and in reality you would think I've gone slightly bonkers. It took a couple of days to figure out that the thoughts I was having were non nonsensical. Whether this was down to taking Emend, the Rolls Royce of anti sickness tablets or not, I'm unsure. But I will not be taking them again.

I have been on the Macmillan website and asked if anyone else had experienced these thoughts and I have been informed that this is chemo brain - where you feel 'a bit fragmented like jigsaw pieces not fitting together' and could be down to the steroids.

My energy levels are currently running at zero % and my eyes are really sore, warm and irritable as I have few eyelashes left. I have mouth ulcers and generally pretty run down.

Roll on next Thursday at 14:30 for # 5 - Not because I want to experience all of the above so soon, but I will be a step closer to finishing chemotherapy.

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