Saturday, 30 November 2013


For those with naturally long curly hair the market on the wig front is absolute pants. I ordered in three wigs which bared no resemblance to my own hair, needs must and all that malarky. I eventually opted for a long straight/slightly wavy brown model which I purchased with my NHS wig voucher and privately purchased a short straight one off ebay.

After Chemotherapy (March 2014)

My hair may grow back curlier (ffs), straight or indeed a completely different colour. You're probably all thinking it's just hair, it will grow back and indeed it will, but this has been my huge bugbear of mine since my diagnosis.

I understand that I have been lucky in catching a fast growing cancer and yes I would rather have my health, BUT can't I have my hair too?

I have invested in fake eyelashes and an eyebrow stencil kit. The last and only time I have ever tried to put on fake eyelashes I gave up as it landed on my right cheek. I'm not high maintenance as those that know me ... know

I have also purchased a deep red couture lipstick to "frame my face", which I have been trying out recently on nights out.

Dainty Doll lipstick in 001 Couture

Rene of Paris Amore Monofilament wigs are indeed the most realistic wigs out there.


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