Saturday, 30 November 2013

4th of November - Harvester/Egg Collection

We arrived at 10:15, got changed into a hospital gown and my slippers and had a cannula fitted. I've had nothing to eat and drink and done a pregnancy test that morning. The blood tests and scans every other day leading up to this, suggested that there were 6 eggs lurking up there, but only about 3-4 eggs amounting to anything to warrant stealing.

I've had friends who have been through IVF/fertility treatment and told me stories of being slightly out of it but still aware of their surroundings

"you know somethings going on down there, but you can't feel anything"

"I was listening to some tunes and when I winched they topped up the medication to chill me out"

The fertility consultant came in and explained that he was going to inject something into the cannula which felt like I'd had a couple of vodkas.

and that was the last thing I remembered


Next thing I knew I woke up next to my Husband (sitting on a chair next to my bed), being asked by a nurse to whether I would like a cup of tea - Bonus

I was never one for a cup of tea, (I don't drink milk) more a coffee person - BUT in hospital - It has to be TEA

I then got changed and went into a room to speak with our fertility nurse Gwen and was informed that they had managed to collect three eggs and that they would be left overnight to fertilise.

Fingers crossed

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