Friday, 29 November 2013

In the beginning - How it started

Thursday September 12th 

We were on holiday and staying with the in laws

So here I was tiptoeing across the bedroom onto the landing into the bathroom with my hands securing my boobs in the hope that THAT floorboard wouldn't creak. As I lowered myself down onto the toilet seat, I felt a lump above my right breast. I registered the lump and as quickly as I found it,  I put it to the back of my mind ... well sort of.

Friday 13th September

I woke up and went to the bathroom to tickle the pickle and brush my teeth, the thought of "the lump" was still niggling me and I was hoping that it was but a dream, but "the lump" sure enough was still there. In a split second I refused to acknowledge it and in another called my husband to the bathroom to check it out.  He asked me to make an emergency appointment on Monday to see my GP, back in the UK and as usual I was bitching about taking more time off work, particularly as we were coming to the end of our two holiday and didn't want to piss off work on my first day back.


  1. I have just read through all of your posts. So many things you are having to deal with! Sending hugs!

  2. Thanks Jodi, have a safe and exciting journey to AUS/NZ xx