Friday, 28 March 2014

The quiet before the storm

Dear Diary

Last FEC #4  Thursday 13th February - 6th of March (FEC 4 Cycle)

Hospital admission Tuesday 4th of March

Discharged Thursday 13th of March

Next FEC chemo cycle # 5 Monday 31st of March - reduced dose from 100% down to 75%

My Oncologist postponed my next treatment by 3 weeks(a whole cycle behind)to ensure that my body had recovered from the IV antibiotics and hospital stay. 

No evil drugs killing off the healthy cells in your body for 3 weeks and a mini break mentally = appearance of hair (collar & cuffs).

Which is a temporary addition as the E in FEC is making a come back on Monday. For future reference, I'm happy that it appears to grow fast.

I went to the GP's this week. He said `I suspect this isn't a life choice, I mean you haven't been out and bought a pair of Doctor Martins have you?' (after taking off my woolly hat). I was glad to see a Doctor with a sense of humour and able to register how far he could push it. 

Anyway I went to discuss my rash, the one I was discharged from hospital with. The GP suspects it is a reaction to the IV antibiotics. So lets compile a list of the things I'm allergic too ......It appears to be growing.

I also asked for medication for the reduction of keloid scarring for my booby and some heavy duty cream for my evil little `friends' that appear through times of constipation and diarrhoea.

The pharmacist said that due to manufacturers delay she would not be able to complete my prescription today. She asked me if it was urgent. I lovingly told her that I had a lumpectomy in October and that the cream was to reduce the raised keloid scarring. At some point during `my moment' I realised she actually meant the cream for my little friends.

Let me introduce to you, my keloid scar, a waving Snowman. I had chicken pox (poulet pox) at 15 on the French Exchange and ended up being on house arrest, bathing in soothing medication and having a thermometer inserted into my bum (and missed all the parties).

AND then the chicken pox scar grew .

I reluctantly registered with the DWP for a Personal Independent Payment but discovered that they have an incorrect date of birth for me and now it's up to me to prove to them that I am right. I am not well enough at the moment to be faffing around with producing a birth certificate, so the claim has been pulled. Bit ironic really as PIPs is the replacement of Disability Living Allowance and in place for people that often struggle with daily living activities and mobility. 

I went to have my bloods taken today to ensure my immune system is ready for the onslaught on Monday and I have cording of the veins, this is where the veins feel hard and `cord' like, the veins lose their elasticity and feel tight, which makes your treatment arm sore, like you've had a couple of Chinese burns, the E out of the FEC ruins/damages the veins (Mr E is quite a twisted piece of work). My veins will gradually return to normal in the future.
I have had this for a while, but the nurse clearly noticed it today, in trying to bleed me dry.

For anyone that missed this programme on BBC 3 please follow this link:

It's available to watch until Wednesday 2nd of April.

and then you can watch this thank you from Kris founder of Coppafeel #RETHINKCANCER


  1. Hope your next round on Monday goes by smoothly, Tami.
    Congrats on having a Dr with a sense of humour!

    Plus.. you may wanna come up with a version of the scar story that actually involves partying :-) !!

  2. I'll have to think of something really dramatic with regards to the keloid scar!
    Parting at Easter if I'm not allergic to alcohol by then ;)
    Keep on trucking x

  3. Partying, not parting. Clearly I need a holiday.